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Starlight Investments, LLC

  • A boutique investment bank, established 1999, in Houston
  • Maintains offices in Houston, Berkeley, New York, and a European presence

Senior Level Bankers guide all Starlight Clients

  • Each has capital markets and strategic consulting expertise
  • An extensive network of consulting, engineering, and technical consultants
  • Our bankers have successfully closed transactions ranging from technology companies sales to large hedge fund placements

Starlight Sector Expertise – Financing, M&A and Alternative Investments

  • Energy and Resources – Geothermal, Biofuels, Solar, Mining, E&P
  • Technology - Software, Financial, Medical, Semi-Conductor
  • Services and Products - Food & Beverage, Healthcare, and Manufacturing
  • Alternative Investments - Real Estate, Hedge, Venture, and Private Equity Funds

Starlight Services

  • M&A Assignments
  • Corporate Financing - Engagements from $5 million to $100 million plus
    • Equity (private placements)
    • Institutional Financing for Companies for emerging growth companies
    • Strategic Financing from Client Related Industries. Starlight is under NDA with many leading investors across many different sectors
  • Project Finance Advisory - $25 million to $250 million plus
    • Capital Sourcing - Equity and Debt
  • Fund Placement
    • Sourcing from Funds of Funds, Endowments, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, and Family Offices

Note: The contents of this site are intended for general informational purposes only. This information in no way is intended to be a solicitation of investors for any companies mentioned. No solicitation of any investment is being made by this material and none will be accepted. Contact us regarding any questions or concerns.
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